we are AXIOM

It’s been a while, since i first recognized the amazing AXIOM alpha. A stripped camera made for filmmakers ( a bit more quality then latest smartphones 🙂 delivering raw footage. customizable at it’s best. hard- and software open to the community. Everyone can upgrade – even the sensor, modify, build, ’steal‘ or even sell.  Beenig surrounded by comsumer products with a lifespan of one or two years it is always invigorating to see a future-proof product not wasting resources every year on a new model – still limited on purpose.
I felt in love with this approach but couldn’t afford beeing part of the crowdfunding campaign. When I read, that there’ll be another opportunity now that they started producing and assembling the parts, I felt the lack of power any poor skeptical artist sometimes feels. Somehow i had to express my will to contribute, to do something.
Still not beenig able to afford, I wrote them how I highly regard there work and would love to find a way to support there work. They came up with an offer I had to agree with: write an AXIOM-Anthem. Sure I will! I immediatly started digging through a couple of instrumentals and found this great track by my friend Laurent Vianès called snow. Time to thaw! a few hours later I had a draft for the lyrics. I made some test recordings showed it to my Offerers, rewrote the lyrics with their help. The Team kind of liked the Song (i believe). But not all did. Sure it’s difficult to write THE song for a diverse community so we ended up with a call for remix. And here we are now.

Here is a link to the original post

by Sebastian Pichelhofer, project leader and association chairman at apertus°.

And now
dare and it will flow
care and it will show
share so it can grow